Russell Webb

It all started in the working mens clubs. As a child  would follow his Fathers cover band 'Splash' around, and occasionally he would get up to sing Cliff Richard's 'Living Doll'. Whilst running around chasing girls and getting told off from the committee staff, Russ was subconciously soaking in the live music that covered the 60's & 70's era with the likes of Dire Straits, Beatles, The Eagles and many more.


When Russell turned 12 in 1992 he played the drums, for the first time with a live band at his Fathers 40th.


Russell started his first band at school with two girls on guitar and bass, His first ever real gigging band was called ‘Northern Lights’, covering 60’s to 70’s including Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. From there he moved to a cover band called ‘Almost Innocent’ covering pretty much every era of rock and pop. 


In the last 5 – 10 years Russ has been in a Paul Wellar tribute band called ‘Wildwood’,

a Meatloaf tribute band and general cover bands along the way.


Eventually forming the Britpop Boys, the era with all the tunes he loved from his early to late teens so they were already embedded in him.

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