Jon Harris

Right then.


Been playing for 40 years. Started at in primary school and the received classical training up to degree level.


First band was a school band followed by a country rock band and co-wrote original material.


Played with various band and genres over the years and some very interesting musicians. Including Paul Weller, Stevie Craddock -Ocean colour scene amongst others. During the 90’s formed a band with local guys to play current material, including Britpop.  This was very successful, playing to crowds in access of 2500 people.


Had a long time out of the music business due to work commitments, marriage, moving around etc.(Boring). Worked as a session guitarist which involved several studio sessions, laying parts on original albums and local cover bands.


During a charity festival in 2015, where he was playing with his current band at the time met Steve – Bass player and discussed the idea of creating and developing an idea that was a tribute to the 90s Britpop era. An era that was very familiar and which is a very organic natural genre.  Met Russell - Drummer and as they say “the rest is and will be history”.


I’m bit of a gear geek and Jon's pedalboard will be in The Louvre one day as masterpiece of art. Various guitars and amps through the years but currently Les Paul Traditional, Fender telecaster and Vox AC30 is the weapons of choice.


Great Britpop sound!!!

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