And so the story begins...

The Britpop Boys were formed in the Autumn of 2015 to pay a fitting Tribute to this era, an era that stands alongside the likes of Punks, Mods and the New Romantics as a defining moment in the British music scene.


The idea was Created by founder members Steve and Jon who met when both playing at a music festival, both experienced and established musicians in their own rights,

With The Addition of Russell on Drums the band was formed, followed by a weekend session in the studio, where demos were recorded, click here to listen , and hit the local scene in early 2016. A quick lineup change introduced Ian on Vocals and the all important Tambourine and elevated the band to the next level. 

We knew there was a big demand to ressurect this era but even we were surprised by how much it was missed. Our following grew beyond our wildest dreams and is still building, of which we are massively grateful.


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